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Designed to empower and back small businesses, IPC’s commitment is to serve clients with the best financing options and world class customer experience there is. Business owners all around trust IPC for all their financing needs.

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How It Works &
Why We Do It

We know that getting the funds for a small business can be a task that requires more time and effort than most small business owners have in a day. Day to day operations, accounts payable, bookkeeping and marketing are all crucial parts of handling a small business- which is why financing shouldn’t affect the attention you give to detail; it should empower your business. IPC proposes a variety of financing solutions, from short and
long term loans to lines of credit, to help your business progress.

Our terms and rates are adaptable and based on your business’ sales, not only on your personal credit, which makes IPC a premium option when you compare it to a standard bank loan. We give you a fast answer to your application by evaluating and qualifying your business’ efficiency with a
wide array of statistics.
How It Works & <br />
Why We Do It

The Team

Our experts are incredibly passionate about bridging small business and Canadian investors. Our experience in finance, commercial credit and technology allows us here at IPC to offer new financing solutions to small businesses and new opportunities to investors.

Peter A Polatos , MBA


Danny Mucciacciaro

Expert Consultant

Mike Lee


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