Merchant Cash Advance.

The most adaptable financing product we offer, the merchant cash advance lets you turn your future cash flow into funds you invest in your business right away.

Lets show you
How It Goes Down



Secure online
application that
can be filled out in
a matter of minutes


Receive a quick
commitment-free quote
customized for your business


Get access to your funds fast. Like 48h fast. Funds will be directly deposited into your bank account

Why pick IPC Merchant
Cash Advance?

  • We give Canadian businesses the help they need to grow with our quick and suttle financing products. No headache, no nonsense, just get the capital you need fast so you can get back to business.
  • The Merchant Cash Advance is the most adaptable of our financing products and is customized to your business. We use a plethora of real-time statistics to help us paint the big picture and in turn, offer you a personalized financing plan that is custom-made for your business. This allows us to give you all the freedom you need without having to worry about fixed payments, terms or specific collateral.
  • You can reimburse at your own pace. You can synchronize your payments with your cash flow so that you pay off your balance faster when you get bigger sales, and get breathing room with smaller payments when sales are slower.
  • Help your business grow by investing your IPC Merchant Cash Advance directly into your business.
  • We believe in your success. We hold your hand through every part of the process, from application to the payment of your balance and even further. We’re here for you, whatever your needs are.

Am I Eligible?

If you have the following, the answer is yes!
  • Your business is Canadian-based
  • You are currently committed to a commercial lease
  • Your average monthly sales are over $15,000
  • Your business has been active for at least 6 months

Still Not Clear?

Our team of financing professionals is available Monday – Friday
from 9AM – 6PM EST to help get your process under way.